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Lhasa Limited company animation

Not for profit, registered charity Lhasa Limited, creates chemical software for the life sciences.


These range from programs to predict the toxicity of chemical compounds to large ‘shared knowledge’ databases for chemical research. This is done without the need to test on animals and dramatically reduces the financial costs of bringing drugs to market.

We were asked to assist in communicating the purpose of Lhasa and why they exist within a 3 minute corporate motion video. The animation is used globally to share their experience, educate potential new customers and assist in selling their software throughout the pharmaceutical and chemical research industry.

"Lhasa Limited has looked to Believe's Creative Director, James, for its brand work for over 10 years. One of James’ greatest qualities is that he cares. By building lasting working relationships and taking the time to truly understand the organisation, James is able to not only produce great branding, he is also able to provide advice on what works best. This is apparent in our recent collaboration to develop a new corporate animation, something that I am truly proud to have been a part of."

− Liz Lepley - Marketing Manager


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