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Art Direction, Editorial, Photography

Collection Catalogues

Catalogue design and creative direction

Cashmere is one of the finest natural fabrics on the planet. What better brand to work with than a luxury cashmere fashion house.

We are fortunate to work with Denner Cashmere to produce their seasonal catalogues and look books. Not only do we design the catalogues, we also create copy for each catalogue and co-art direct the photography with Seventy7 based in London and Manchester.

Our main objective with the Denner brand is to make cashmere more accessible and affordable. Our approach to the photography is to demonstrate it can be worn by anyone anywhere, in-doors or out, cashmere can be the star of the show.

Look out for the new look book, due out this Spring/Summer to be featured here.


  • Art Direction

  • Copywriting

  • Editorial Design


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